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20 apps in one app:

1. Font Pack Android

2. No need to root your phone to computer security

3. Translator pdf

4. Antivirus

5. Security

6. Download Manager

7. Applications

8. Audio Tools

9. The professional record conversation

10. Call SMS


20. Secret Code Android (new)

The sum of these programs is almost 30,000 dollars that we give you the price of 4000 dollars.

1. Font Pack Android

Persian fonts for use on phones with Android operating system

Fonts available:

1. The expected fonts

2. ruby font

3. Font children

4 font Pyramvz

5 font gold

6. Font horizons

7. Font Beirut

8 font free

9. Shadow Fonts

10. Font Ramallah

11. The prophet fonts

12. Font Sense Hub

13. Font Neyriz

14. Times New Roman font

15. The third Fonts

16 Handwriting Fonts

17 Handwriting Fonts

18. caligraphy font (see sample image)

19. Font Cleanex (English)

20. Font Emprex

21. Font Roboto

22. Font Safa 1

2. No need to root your phone to computer security

3. Translator pdf

4. Antivirus

+ Scan suspected spy

+ Scan Memory

+ Intelligent scanning and rapid software updates and installing new ones

+ Ability to identify the type of virus, trojan, malware etc.

+ Aqablyt detect the virus before its implementation

+ Scan real-time and moment

+ Strong firewall software to check the suspected spy

+ Identify annoying ads and delete them

+ Identify malware transmitted via e-mail

+ Detailed update

5. Security

Anti-spy: This system permits and illegal items are Khtranak check and identify. Anti-spyware system installed immediately after application and before the start of the implementation of the program has to check if there is a problem or suspect to be announced.

Proactive scanning: This type allows you to scan malware and viruses on your system before you run, and you identify with and clean. These signature capabilities with intelligent detection of viruses or malware will be hidden in the list of unknown malware Darnd.nty Hqaf virus detection of the virus.

Firewall: A firewall to automatically start to search and identify malicious software to spy on your device and if detected after with you, it will be removed from your device Nmvd.dyvarh fire Hqaf ability to identify those The software that has been licensed online initiate access studied up ads annoying, viruses transmitted via e-mail, etc. identify.

6. Download Manager

The program is divided and part of downloaded files download speed up to several-fold increase.

Program is a proprietary browser to find the download link is very efficient and does not require the download links in the copy program.

* The ability to download via direct link and download torrent files *

Features Smart Download Manager

1. Divide the file being download up to 10 parts to speed up to download

2. Ability to resume downloading (Rzyvm) even after the connection or restart the application

3. mobile browser to download files that are password-specific (eg, self-service sites are just users)

4. categorize files downloaded

5. Supports all formats for mobile phones and computer and Torrent files

6. With the ability to download via direct link and download torrent files

7. Fix with Android 2.3 and above and has been tested on Android 5

8. Create a space the size of the downloaded file to accelerate the download

9. Ability to add custom sites to the list of favorites to quickly find sites

10.zahr user-friendly and beautiful


7. Applications

8. Audio Tools

9. The professional record conversation

This program is one of the most compact and simple software is automatic recording of telephone conversations.

Talk with amr audio file format on the memory card.

Using the program is very simple and without requiring any complicated settings. Once installed, all your conversations in your memory card and the program is playable.

Another advantage of the opportunity to display the caller's name and date of the calls. You can also choose to record only incoming calls or outgoing calls or all calls.

The disadvantages of the program:

It should be noted that the recording of telephone conversations, because of a criminal offense in many countries, the most popular smartphone operating system Android is impossible. Therefore, this program is designed to record conversations, like most famous and popular programs currently recording a call, use your phone's microphone.

As a result, the conversation in noisy environments, the other party's voice is recorded. When using headphones, the sound is not recorded side, unless a hands-free device to keep the microphone close.

It only reacts conversations conducted via the SIM card and store conversations through other software (such as Viber, etc.) is done by the program is not recorded.

10. Call SMS

20. Secret Code Android (new)

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