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If you are patient and have the ten minutes to read only these lines and ready to play basketball please read this instruction carefully and if you are a basketball player, follow me and  come with us.
See the whole area of Iran's Basketball Street on Map In our App, and if you know the terrain you need to add to the street, if you have a telegram on you phone and if you are a basketball player to take advantage of you.
Follow the NBA games scores and take pictures of yourself and your street playground , and if you want to chat with the rest of the basketball players and if you like to follow them in instagram install this app.
You have to understand how to gather a team. Train your team and make your own team ready to hard trains. Go and play the real ground and go to the nearby squad team. Go back to the match.
According to the rules of the www.FIBA3x3.com , the Basketball Federation has ten minutes to play, and each team has scored 21 points is winner. The score is recorded on the App score board, every team had 4 player that 1 person for substitution and the total number of members of both teams is 8.
Start our telegram  registration bot and install telegram app for your phone and start it.


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