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Last update9/21/2015
A new generation of communication ...
Everything you expect from a service ticket.
Market segments, devices and services, electronics, daily supply of hundreds of new products each offering the latest technology and the highest possible, to seek a share of the consumer market. Every day, several mobile phones and tablets, and laptops, and offers several websites and social networks in order to compete with services such as the Internet can put up to ground level.
But in the meantime, most of the rest of the eye, the focus of new service providers better service than is currently available.
be more perfect.
Radar features include the following:
1. Sign up with your cell phone simple and convenient.
2. The possibility of free advertising is the easiest way to distinguish Shhrbh City
3. Brage by Khvddrdakhl comprehensive application management (edit, delete)
4. tournaments daily, weekly, monthly with incredible prizes
5. message to the advertiser or the online chat
Stay and save your chat conversations in
5. The separation of public sector employment to Bhbvdkarayy advertisers and users

Finally, we must say radar team ready to hear your views
Is to improve the app, you're through with the Mdyrdr
Applications can directly send us your comments
Mkatbhr to us.
Welcome to Virtual City radar.
Waiting for the next update for more features are amazing.

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