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Last update12/5/2019
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Developer خدمات خلاقانه تجارت الکترونیک

About U10Q:

Would you like to take part in a game that not only challenge your general knowledge, but also comes with exciting gifts? U10Q is an online competition that invites you to compete with other users every night. Let’s install our application and stay tuned!Rules of U10Q:

This game is presented online every night. In this competition, participants are asked a few questions with three different options, each question takes 10 seconds and if they choose the correct answer, they will go to the next level.

Features of U10Q:

Live Stream

When you install U10Q application, you will be faced numbers of different questions that are asked by our online host. As you choose the correct answer, you will be automatically redirected to the next level which is more challenging and complicated. Finally if you answer all the questions correctly, you will be our winner and we are going to appreciate you with our gifts.

Extra life:

In this game, you should answer all of the questions to win. If you choose the wrong answer to each question, you will be gamed over, But you can come back to the game with your extra life. You will be gotten 2 extra life when you download the application.

The possibility of chatting and conversation:

Besides of the online game with other users, during the game, U10Q provides you with the option of chatting with other members at the bottom of the page. You can help each other to choose the correct answer or to be in contacted with us and inform us about your opinions and suggestions.

Social Media:

You can follow U10Q on Instagram and telegram to be informed about new exciting events

Instagram: @U10qofficial

Telegram: @U10qofficial

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