حجم:۱۸.۷ مگابایت
نسخه: ۵.۰.۱۶(۱۳۹۵/۰۲/۰۷)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
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Snapeee, Japan Asia Cute Photo #1
Snapeee, Japan Asia Cute Photo #2
Snapeee, Japan Asia Cute Photo #3
Snapeee, Japan Asia Cute Photo #4


♥Snapeee for Android was updated♥
Snapeee, a photo-sharing app used by 11 million girls around the world, lastly got a major update♡
With a theme of three key words, 'share', 'sympathy', and 'connection', it was improved as an app that every girl can enjoy.♥Get the popular ranking and latest information!
At the top page on the updated version, the popular ranking and latest information are displayed.

♥Newly opened the 'Snapeee Trend' that comes from user's posts!
Check the fresh trends in the world by fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle and others♡
At the 'Snapeee Trend', the girls' fashion magazines of ViVi, with, and VOCE are included!
User-participatory contents including fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle were come out.
♥All photo-decorating stamps are free to use! The limited memorial stamps are distributed for the Android update!
Free digital stamps, frames, and brushes for photo decoration are ready!
Decorated photos can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, mixi, and Ameba☆
♥Get 100 points as daily login bonus!
Registration for 1,700 points! Thumbnail icon setting for 800 points! Daily login for 100 points!
Points are provided by some activities and exchanged for decoration stamps♪
♥Good response from other users in the world♪
Once photos are posted, good responses come from other users in the world☆
Have many good 'Kawaii' responses with postings of kawaii decorated photos!
♥Enjoy Snapeee at times like this♪
- Want free and kawaii photo-decorating stamps!
- Want to decorate photos and make them cuter!
- Want to have 'Like' responses from all over the world!
- Want to check the real clothing and the latest trend!
- Want to see the popular girls' magazines 'ViVi', 'with', and 'VOCE'!
- Want to see kawaii photos around the world!
♥Recommended environment for Android
OS : Android 4.1 or over
♥Search keyword
App Name : Snapeee
Similar App : Instagram, LINE camera, aillis, Papelook, Beauty Plus, CoordiSnap, DECOPIC, B612, Cymera

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Version 5.0.16
- Bug fixVersion 5.0.15
- Bug fix

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