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'Picute' is an application to take cute pic's and decorate them.Decorate your daily life and memories, with our cute and pretty stamps and frames!!
We’ve prepared 74 kinds of stamps and frames, from hand written stamps like hearts and sparkles to professionally desisgned frames with stars and stripes and more!!
You can also add more stamps and frames at our SHOP ☆
With the effects feature, you can easily create cool and Vogue pictures!!
There are all sorts of effects and filters such as the Pola Camera and Vintage effects and much more!!
You can make pretty pictures quick and easily with Picute.☆★☆
Share your pictures on twitter and Facebook!!

☆*・゚・*:.。.*.。.:*・☆Key Features☆*・゚・*:.。.*.。.:*・☆
・Stamps (37types)
・Roll on stamps(28types)
・Photo frames(9types)
■Picture Effects
・Black and White
・Pola (2types)
・Brightness adjustment
・Contrast adjustment
・ Take pictures with a variety of frames
・ Flash features: ON/OFF/AUTO (specific to the functionality of your device.)
・Download more stamps and frames!
・Change the skin of your app
・Download stamps and frames of popular characters (may vary depending on region.)
■Sharing your pictures
・Share through twitter and Facebook (You must download each client app first to link)
・Share through e-mail
・Link to your photo gallery or other photo app folders

{Attention: How to use Picute}
・You can only use downloaded materials with Picute..
・An SD card is needed to use this app.
・Some materials in the Shop can't be bought in certain regions.
・Downloading and using this app is free. Some of the material packs require a fee.
・Material Packs are puchased through the Android Market's payment system.
・This app is bound by the terms and conditions of the Android Market please keep this in mind when purchasing material packs.
・Compatible OS versions: Android 2.3 and up.
・Supported Devices
GALAXY SⅢseries(SC-06D)(SC-03E),GALAXY SⅡseries(SC-02C)(SC-03D)(ISW11SC),GALAXY S(SC-02B)
Xperia Arco HD(SO-03D)(IS12S)
Lumix Phone(P-02D)
Regarding Information to be acquired for this Application

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VerUP 3.3.8
♥Fixed bug

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