neon light cool keyboard future tech cable
neon light cool keyboard future tech cable

neon light cool keyboard future tech cable

حجم:۰.۵ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱۰۰۰۱۰۰۴(۱۳۹۶/۰۶/۲۵)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Download neon light keyboard(typewriter) which is a shiny theme with fashion font and digital sound made by designers Get this neon light theme to make your keyboard tech and cool future, it will bring regular typing to life.

neon light is a Keyboard(typewriter) theme which has attractive and tech wallpapers and cool future icons. Make you phone machine cable with all sorts of cool animated effects.This beautiful keyboard (typewriter) skin is specially designed for people who loves cool future design. Download and apply the theme for free and stylize your Android phone.neon light is designed to let you enjoy a faster and smoother mobile operating experience.

【How to Apply neon light input method?】
Note: Our Keyboard MUST be installed
1) Download the machine cable neon light theme, tap the INSTALL button.
2) Download our keyboard(typewriter) from Google Play Store. If you already have our keyboard (typewriter) installed, please tap on the APPLY button.
3) After our keyboard(typewriter) is installed and applied, the neon light theme will be automatically installed on your phone.

【What is the highlight of this theme?】
1)Voice input:Voice input can liberate your hands, is the efficient input way . Long press the space bar to open the voice input, complete the voice input and click the microphone icon, it can directly display the input content on your tech and cool future style keyboard.
2)Slide input method:In the pursuit of high efficiency in today's society, the efficient of the input method has become a crucial condition. Through this machine cable tech style theme, does not leave the plane sliding, the series from the syllable, to achieve the purpose of shortcut input.
3) Theme Center: Find all sorts of theme categories, including machine cable, cool future,tech, basic, cool, crystal(krystal), golden, pink, la la stars and many more. You can find all the themes you love in our Keyboard (typewriter) theme center.
4)Enlargement display: When you click on the letter, there will be a letter of the magnified display, so that input more clearly.
5)Touch tone themes: Personalize the touch tone of your keyboard (typewriter) with different themes. Become a pianist while typing with our Piano theme or go retro with our Mechanical Keyboard (typewriter) theme's typewriter tone. Whether you like tech or cool future, there are loads more supported themes waiting for you to explore.
6)Abundant emoji selection: You can now express your emotions by sending an emoji!! The machine cable style allow you using smile emoji, taco emoji, hot dog emoji, 100 sign emoji and can even send a unicorn face,all these can add more fun to your chats!
7)Customizable fonts: Each topic has a different type of font to meet your difference input experience,machine cable ,tech,cool future.More font styles will be available in the future, rest assured that you will find the font style you love.
8)Function keys: Our Keyboard (typewriter) allows you to personalize your function keys using different themes.

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