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★---------- 3D Name On Pics ----------★

3D Name On Pic is an application with new concept of wishing anyone with his/her name on special days.

Generate cool pics with your favorite name with My Name Pics tool. You can choose pics from a wide range of templates. With cool fonts and designs. Now Greet your friends with cards with your and their names.

3d name maker is 3d name editing app to write your name in 3d text style.
Simple with mind blowing features like amazing photo stickers, unique photo editing effects and different 3D Shapes.

With 3D Text Maker & Name Designer 3D app you can easily make 3D text. Also, you can customize your 3D text.

★ 25 plus 3D text font support
★ text size control with finger movement smoothly.
★ Design 3D Text color and filter support for text stroke.
★ Text shadow creation and change its color differently.
★ 3D text Rotation Text with finger gesture support.
★ Name Text stroke and shadow size and dimension control using gesture support.
★ add delete and edit new text with single line text conversion to multi line text.
★ Stickers and Smiles with 3D text category base support.
★ Directly import photo from gallery or quick access from camera for 3D text
★ save your designed images with 3D text in gallery
★ share designed image with friends and family members or with your followers on social media.
★ create your own album like creating gallery of images to save your memories.

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