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InstaCamera #1
InstaCamera #2


InstaCamera is the quickest way to take a photo with your phone.
There's no shutter button: just open the app and it takes a photo, then closes just as quickly.

## Why is it so awesome?
InstaCamera is perfect for when you see a bird with a stupid expression on its face and you want to post it to Reddit and get a bazillion upvotes. With a normal camera app you'd have to press about three things... by that time the owl would have resumed its look of watchful distrust, and there goes your big shot at internet fame. Nobody should have to suffer this disappointment.

## Settings
Even though the app is super-simple, you can change how it works. Open the settings (companion app with a wrench icon) and you can make these adjustments:
* take multiple shots in a row (up to five)
* change the shutter volume (default is 60%)
* change the photo resolution (default is max)
* stay in camera mode after taking instant photos (then you touch the screen to take more, and back button to quit)

## Permissions
There are four we had to use for InstaCamera:
Storage: the app needs to save photos to the SD card.
Network communication: to get the ads in the settings screen.
Phone calls: ads do a 'Read Phone State' ping or it doesn't count as an ad impression.
Hardware controls: the app needs to access the camera.

## Feedback
If you like it or don't like it, say why in your review comment. That way we can make it better instead of just being sad and grumpy and eating a whole family-sized thing of chips while watching comfort TV. We made this app because it's slightly more awesome than what's out there already, so if you can use your words then it'll be better next time, we promise.

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

- Updated photo logic to try and improve performance on older phones
- Added notification showing path when photo is taken

   دسترسی های نرم افزار

  • دوربین
  • نوشتن بر روی حافظه گوشی
  • اینترنت
  • خواندن وضعیت گوشی
LG P920 3D
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