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In this application, you can design a contest and record the points for each question and contest awards and the names of the participants.

Application sections:

* Management (to manage the names of participants include registration and age group and points obtained, prizes including awards registration and age group and editing and deleting, the questions include the registration of questions and the editing and deletion and rating of each question, the program settings include time setting Answering any questions and playing back or not playing the sounds of the program ...)

* Race (By entering the participant's name in this section, his points are displayed on the contest page, and by getting the new score the app will automatically add the new rating to the previous scores. You can also set the scores in the section whether The contest has a negative rating, in which case if the participant fails to answer the questions correctly, the program will record a negative rating for him. In the contest section, questions are displayed graphically and without repetition by shaking the phone or clicking on the question button. And the countdown will be activated to answer the question. If the other time is over, the company will Provider will be allowed to respond)

* Prizes (in this section the awards that you have registered in the management section are displayed)

* Scores (In this section the scores shown for each contestant are displayed)

* Lottery (This section contains 3 sections:

1 - Draw in Numbers (You enter the desired number in the program. The program randomly selects a number and the lottery in numbers is done in this way.

2- Draw in the names of the participants, each one randomly selected from among the participants whose names are registered in the management department.

3 - Free lottery in people, use this section when you want to enter just a few names or items and immediately draw them. In such a way that you immediately register and draw lots between them. You can also remove items before the draw.

* Notes (In this section you can enter your desired items and notes about the competition)

*** One of the other features of this program is the backup and data retrieval. After registering items, you can retrieve the information and if they are deleted or uninstalled, reload them.

be successful and victorious

Red Star Co., Ambassador

* Possibility to retrieve quiz questions (Questions that are asked in the contest section will be deleted from the next round. In this release, it is possible to return questions)

* Ability to manually list awards and edit them
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