Movie Maker
حجم:۱۷.۹ مگابایت
نسخه: ۳۱۲۰۱۸(۱۳۹۶/۰۹/۱۶)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Movie Maker or Music Video Maker is amazing app to create video from photos and music.
Music Video Maker app to Create photo slideshow from any number of photos with any length of movies.
Music Video Maker or Movie maker create photo slideshow with music to save video in your mobile, you can share video to your friends and family.
It is amazing thing for your friend and family to create movie for them at special times like
-anniversary etc.. and share with them to make them special.
Movie Maker or Music Video Maker have reach set of themes to apply on photos to create video from images and music.

Movie Maker or Music Video Maker Feature Application :

# Select whatever photos(pictures) like wedding,birthday,party,picnic celebration photo and music to make video story.
# Many different Themes & Add Online Music .
# Add your favourite music or audio to Movie Maker from your music library.
# Powerful picture editor for add filters, backgrounds, and much more before creating Movie Maker.
# Birthday Movie Maker very easy to use .
# Select celebration photo and music to make movie .
# Amazing different Themes and Music(song).
# Filter to edit images to create movie
# Picture editor for add filters, backgrounds, and creating movie .
# Birthday Photo Maker
# Birthday Video Maker/Birthday gift Card Maker
# Birthday Video gift
# Birthday Photo editor / sticker editor.
# Music Video Maker
# Movie Maker With Music
# Projector Slide Show
# Photo to Video Converter
# Photo Slide Show Maker
# Photo Booth and Funny Effects Video
# Photo and Video Collage Maker
# Photo Slide Show Maker
# Video Editor ,Movie Maker,Video Maker are apps contains....
# Animation Effects like Video ,Text & Music slideshow.
# Photo Video Editor -Crop video ,Video Trim ,Split Video ,Rotate video ,Photo & Video Collage Maker , Birthday Photo Frame.

How to Create Amazing Movie Maker or Music Video Maker :

1. Select photo from gallery.
2. You can arrange your selected photo according to your choice with this app .
3. You can also having editor facility for your photos & Videos .
4. Preview your videos or movie .
5. Add Music from your music library to set your song in video for this app.
6. Set Time(2s ,4s, 6s ,8s ,....etc) in Frame between photos in video.
7. You can share video via social link.
8. Easy process to create amazing video from photos.

Have a great fun and enjoyment for Movie Maker !!

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