Music Player - Super Equalizer - Bass Booster

Music Player - Super Equalizer - Bass Booster

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Music Player - Super Equalizer - Bass Booster #1Music Player - Super Equalizer - Bass Booster #2Music Player - Super Equalizer - Bass Booster #3Music Player - Super Equalizer - Bass Booster #4Music Player - Super Equalizer - Bass Booster #5


One of the most gorgeous and powerful music player for Android with Nice User Interface!

This Android Music Player lets you manage all your music files quickly and easily. Free Music Player with powerful equalizer,  You can browse songs by albums, artists or playlists and genre. Quick search all music files. The unique equalizer make your music sounds like you've never had before. Music player app is a Eligant, Stylish Music player, Powerful Music player and Fast Music Player with elegant design. This audio player supports almost all types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audio formats with support for free music offline. Easily browse and play music songs by Playlist, genres, albums , artists , songs and folder (my files player). Play your favorite music mp3 and others files!
By music player, you will easily to find all the musics in your phone.

Mp3 Audio Player App Features
- Get all the songs at one place
- Create a playlist
- Download missing album art
- Full screen mode in the settings
- Multiple language added for application

Player Features :
- Plays all audio files with bass equaliser
- Multiple languages inbuilt implemented
- Plays song by folder
- Theme select option
- Queue with play list reorder
- Support for play list with music amplifier
- Change album art
- Multiple features for shuffle, repeat, Equalizer
- Selected music playing
- Delete music files
- Search music files
- Set as ringtone feature
- Library scan
- Headset support with sound enhancer
- Smart remember last play playlist.
- Show recent play list
- Create and edit playlist
- Background play / background music player
- Free Music search
- download free app music
- mp3 song player or free music apps
- Support Music player widget.
- Ringtone maker. Can set a music as ringtone

Playlist Features:
- Recently Added music library files
- Last played music files
- Custom created playlist for HD music player on android

Equalizer with great sound:
 This music player features a powerful equalizer with BassBoost and Virtualizer. the best music player for Android.You can choose from a variety of music presets or create your custom preset.
- Preset modes for Classical music player , Dance music player , Folk music player , Hiphop music , Jazz Music , Pop Music , Rock Music
- Custom modes
- Easy to handle
- Bass and 3D effect
- More than 22+ pre-set music tone styles for your choice

The default music player app is The best free music player and media player. Support all the most popular music file formats. Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, genre, playlists, folders. my music player with a custom tone music style and manually adjust the equalizer. Audio Player for All Type of Audio Formats.
The unique equalizer make your music sounds more professional. You are free to control the music style with music guide and enjoy your musical.

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Please Note:
Music Player is for playing local music files, it’s not a music downloader.

Hope you enjoy your music with mp3 Music Player pro.

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