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The perfect Equalizer app for Android, Improve the sound quality for your android device with the true global Equalizer, Bass booster, Volume booster and Surround Sound.🎶

You can select sound effects instantly by default presets. UI and swipe feature of Bass Booster & Volume booster. It allows you to easily control music players. Use with headphones for the best results, and enjoy the unprecedented sound quality.🎼

Features of Music equalizer App🎚️🎚️🎚️



⭐Volume Eq  

▪️ Five bands Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your Music or Audio coming out of your phone.

⭐Equalizer presets 

▪️ Includes R&B, Piano, Lounge, Loud, Latin, Electronic, Deep, HeadPhones, Vocal Boost, Treble Boost, Bass Boost, Acoustic, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Folk, Flat, Dance, Classical and Normal. It provides you with powerful eq and different tones. You can also edit and save Equalizer preset.

⭐Volume booster 

▪️ Media sound(music, video); notification sound; ringtone; alarm, both headphone volume booster, and earphone volume booster

⭐Bass Booster  

▪️ The most professional Bass, Thanks to the professional audio decoding technology, the bass booster will improve your sound quality to let you enjoy the best music free.

⭐Rich spectrum  

▪️ You can see the visualization of your sound or music, All the sound spectrums move according to the audio rhythm.

⭐Shortcut for Volume Booster  

▪️ Create widgets or in notification bar, just one touch to turn on/off the equalizer for your phone.

⭐More Highlights

▪️ Virtualizer

▪️ Stereo led VU meter

▪️ Edge lighting

▪️ Works with most Music and Video Players.

⭐ Music equalizer App Installation and usage:

⭐1. Effect On Music Or Audio

▪️ Run your Music player and play your music

▪️ Rung the Equalizer & Bass Booster app then adjust sound level and frequency.

▪️ Put on headphones for the best results

⭐2. Effect On Video

▪️ Just like Effect on Music or Audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, then, let it run in the background.

▪️ Run your Video player and play your video

▪️ You will get a better sound effect for video

❤️ If you have any feedback about Music equalizer with volume boost app, please comment below or email to the developer. We'll always keep track of your feedback to improve and create a better Bass and volume booster app.💯

* Support more languages
* Fixed bugs
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