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4G intenet

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Developer گروه نرم افزاری پایش
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Last update10/17/2017
All smartphones in data connectivity use 3G and 2G when the 4G network is not covered or weak.
But some devices, in the absence of enough coverage for the 4G LTE mode, are still connected in other modes. (Because 3G or 2G are more powerful). This software is used to choose between these covers.
This app will help you search and find the 4G LTE coverage, and when you lock the app into 4G mode, your other phone will not connect to the network using 3G or 2G. So your phone will always be connected in 4G mode.

With graphical material relationship
Select 4G network mode
Select 4.5G network mode
You can also switch networks in the 2G and 3G network
Network switch on VoLTE

This app does not work well on a number of Samsung phones and so on. So please do not hesitate to comment.
* The program on the following devices does not work well
- Your phone does not support 3g or 4g network
- The selected network mode varies in the device settings with the selected mode in the application
- The phone does not support the 4th generation
With this app, set up your network connection for generations of 2g / 3g / 4g / 4.5g
You need to install data files in order to run this Application. Myket will download and install these files automatically.

In order to install this app, you should download and install Myket first. The will be automatically installed then.


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