Frequencies Free

Frequencies Free

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Find out what the frequency of a specific LPD / LPD 8 / PMR / CB (Citizen Band, 'normal' or UK) / UHF / PRS / FRS/GMRS / KDR / Marine VHF / AAR (American Assocation of Railroads) channel is and the CTCSS tone code of a subchannel.

Do you have a 2 meter / 70 cm band radio and want to communicate with someone with a Marine VHF / PMR / LPD / UHF / PRS / KDR / FRS/GMRS / AAR radio? Is that one also using 'subchannels'? This app is what you need!

Select which type you need and select the channel and subchannel. The app calculates / converts the channel. The frequency (in MHz) and CTCSS frequency (in Hz) / tone code are then shown.

Or select the frequency (of a channel or subchannel) and the nearest channel will be shown, if it is nearby the given frequency. Select the tab 'frequency' at the bottom of the app to make use of this functionality.

Possible types:
- LPD8
- CB (Citizen Band)
- CB UK (Citizen Band UK)
- UHF (often used in Australia)
- PRS (often used in New Zeeland)
- Marine VHF
- AAR (American Assocation of Railroads)

This is a free version with ads. There is also a paid version of this app without ads. Ads and paid version are just to support the app development and subscription to the stores. Please tell me if you would like to have more features or supported radio types.

App icon by icons8.com / iconsdb.com
Idea by http://portoshop.nl

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

Better views for higher resolution devices. Removed some unneeded dependencies.

Please tell me what functions and / or radio types you need to add to a new version.

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