Scary Clown - Face Changer Pro
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Scary Clown - Face Changer Pro #2
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Discover Mask and Scary Clown, Best Joker,Sexy Mask, also horreur Monster of this beautiful Gallery and Free collection of Artistic Design.
Download Free App ' Scary Clown - Face Changer Pro ' is a Good Photo Montage and effects to edit all your picture , decorate them and design your own face with Amazing horror or nightmare Face also top Mask .
it Allow you to Creatd Best Photo and Turn yourself into a Terrifying clown you well lock like you celebrating Halloween .
Scary Clown Face Changer give you opportunity to appear with new look like nightmare.
Change your face or your friends for having fun.
You can also share your photos Edited through Facebook
Our New Top Free App with her spli, Amazing design and warmth adjustment it's so Realistic. There is big Gallery of Mask, you can chose ini one from them freely and put it in your own photo.
The Face Changer Pro also contains pretty and Funny comic clon mask. Really it's on of top face maker and funny photo Edito ,pictures mix booth and face booth !
You can also Take a photo from Android camera or adding Pic from the gallery ,next, edit your photo, and change your Head to look like the Joker , People of Halloween Day, Scary Monsters or Horror Film.
and and have Best Moment with this fantastic and Top Salon of faces and Free Images Editor.

Just share Your Pic with friends and have fun!


●+81 different masks and Designs.
● Allow you to chose 2 types of Camera Front and Back.
●With this fantastic tools you will be able to create high images and share them with ( Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other Messenger tools) or simply upload them to Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, etc.
● Save Simply your own Photos in your Android Memory (SD).
● You can Zoom with your screen perfectly the Design also the Picture
Allow you to changing the Color of Background.


1. Choose an image in your gallery or by Android Camera.
2. Choose the Best Sticker you want.
3. Resize the stickers with your finger on your screen.
4. See the funny results.
5 Change Background Color if you want.
6 Save and share your funny photos with the people.

This is a free tool, if you like it, please evaluate it with five stars or by posting reviews.
Feel free to contact us by email.
Thank you for support!

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Crash problem solved
Bug fixed
New Scary face added
New update includ:
ADS Update.
Bug Fixed

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