World Archery

World Archery

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The one-stop destination for international fans of the sport of archery. Links to live and historical results of world-class events in the web, world record and world ranking listings, plus news and athlete profiles in an easy-to-use mobile application.

The redesigned World Archery app has the following functional features:
• News – latest and popular from the web
• Results – listing of events with scores
• Ranking – official World and World Cup Rankings
• Records – world, Olympic and Paralympic records
• Athlete – profiles, and the ability to favourite archers
• Calendar – find tournaments by level and location

Features to be added soon:
• Live results – from World Archery events
• Athlete statistics – for an in-depth look at the world’s best archers
• Notifications – from what matters to you
• Content – video and images

Want more archery? Visit www.worldarchery.org

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- Fix blank news page.
- Added manual refresh to pages.

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