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Image Slideshow Maker for making your eye catching memories by creating Videos from your Images.

Image Slideshow with effects and music have many beautiful frames available to set on your video.

Image Slideshow maker with songs have you can add your favorite songs on background music.

This Photo Slideshow With Music is the unique app to make your video from your selected photos in just a second.

Movie maker is the best video slideshow editor, photo slideshow maker, photo slideshow video maker with music and funny video maker.

Awesome Frames available to choose your best frame for your video in Image Slideshow Maker.

Image Slideshow with effects and music have a build in Photo Editor to edit your selected photo.

Key Features*

1. Nice User UI with Easy to create image videos
2. You Can Set Up to 50 Images
3. You can remove selected image or remove all images by clicking on Delete button.
4. Set Your Photos Position in sequence as you want by drag and drop your Photos.
5. Image Video Creator have built in Photo Editor available With multiple functionality like:

• Image Filters

• Add Text On Photo

• Draw On Photo

• Image Contrast

• Image Brightness

• Image Saturation

-> Image Slideshow Have beautiful Frames available to Make your Video Slideshow more beautiful.

-> Add Your Favorite Music or Song from your Music Library to Play Background Music With Love Photo Slide Show Movie.

-> You can set the Duration of your Frame, Minimum is 2 Second, Maximum 10 Second.

-> Play Your Slideshow to see the preview of your Love Video.

-> You can share your Movie with your Friends or Share it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter Etc.

Create Your Video With 4 Steps:

1. Select Photos From Gallery
2. Adjust the Position with drag and drop
3. Apply Theme, Effects ,Edit Images, Preview then Save
4. Share it to your Social Media accounts ex. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Etc.

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