Selfi Photo Frame
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Selfi Photo Frame #1
Selfi Photo Frame #2
Selfi Photo Frame #3
Selfi Photo Frame #4


- The frame along with its mounts protects and often makes the art look better.
- Art work framed well will stay in good condition for a long period of time.
- once did a work specifically to frame with a flea market frame.
- Many painters and photographers who work with canvas 'gallery-wrap' their artwork,
a practice wherein the image extends around the edges of the stretched canvas and
therefore precludes use of a traditional picture frame,
although a floater frame may be used.
- As picture frames can be expensive when purchased new,
some people remove the pictures from a frame and use the frame for other pictures.

1. Select a photo from the gallery of your phone and use this image editor to decorate it.
2. Capture a new image with your camera and apply photo frame to it.
3. Choose from frames in different shapes and colors and try them all out.
4. Place Text as you want.
5. Swap photo direction.
6. Add color effects to photo.
7. This app supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.

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