Photo Glitter Effect:Pixel  Effect

Photo Glitter Effect:Pixel Effect

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Glitter Photo Effects is a unique combination of Glitter Photo Effects and Pixel Photo Effects which allows you to New Creation On Google Play store Glitter Photo Effect Picture.

Create wonderful Glitter photo effect pictures OR Create sparkling glitter effect pictures and share to social media directly from the app.

Glitter uses Free Hand (Finger Draw) feature to create sparkling Glitter photo effect and pixel effect pictures.


1. Select picture from your gallery.
2. Hand draw effects on your photo from multiple Glitter pixel effect patterns
3. Choose 20+ Glitter Effect Shapes and Edit your photo
4. Hand draw to create pixel effects
5. Giltter effect is new On google play store.
6. Auto particle dispersion tool for any photo using Standard Glitter Photo Effect.
7. Easy to Erase Glitter Effect ON photo.
8. Apply Awesome Glitter photo effects.
9. Add decorative stickers& Text.
10. Add your personal Name text
11. Save your art in your phone gallery.
12. Show off your pics easily on Facebook, Instagram, What's Up and other social media.

Latest Glitter effect in 2017.
Latest Pixel effect.
Latest Photo shuttering effect in 2017.
Latest Photo lab photo effect editor.

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