Chakra Sound
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The practice of sound healing for the chakras is referred to as 'chakra tuning'. It helps to heal the body and mind and enliven the enregy centers. All the chakras can be tuned during a sound healing/vibration meditation session or a single chakra center can be focused if a particular issue connected to that center needs to be cleared or balanced.

Each chakra has a specific vibration, primordial sound and key musical note associated with it. Listening to these healing sound vibrations will assist in releasing any energy that is causing a block or imbalance in the chakras. We can open up a specific chakra by focusing our attention (with pure intention) on the chakra location and repeating the associated sound or mantra aloud. It is also beneficial to visualize the color associated with each chakra as you tune them with sound.

This application includes main seven chakras solfeggio sounds by its frequencies :

Root chakra - 396 Hz
Sacral chakra - 417 Hz
Solar plexus chakra - 528 Hz
Heart chakra - 639 Hz
Throat chakra - 741 Hz
Brow chakra - 852 Hz
Crown chakra - 963 Hz

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