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'Gallery' is the next generation smart photo gallery and album organizer. Gallery Locker allows to hide the photos / videos into private wallet with PIN protection. You can organize the photos / videos by gallery photo album & gallery album folder. Easy to hide any photos by just one tap and no one can access your private protected photos and videos without the password so it's fully secured gallery app lock.

This Gallery app is supported all android devices and OS version inducing gallery app for moto g4 plus and gallery app for moto g5 plus. The unique features of this Gallery App is now you can edit your photo within the application using photo gallery and photo editor.

Let's lookup the advance features of the Gallery App

[ Advance Photo Organizer ]
Advance Photo Organizer will allows to display your local photo by time-line and photo album folder wise. Time-line will make groups of photos by time-frame. Using gallery album folder you can see photo list by album wise. It's an 3d gallery apps you can browse the photo with animation and auto sideshow.

[ Gallery Locker & Password Protection ]
Add your photo to hide photo list by one tap using gallery wallet. No one can access your private photo without password / PIN. Photo Gallery app lock required one time setup of PIN and next time you can access your private photo using PIN. Not need gallery vault app download separately it's an two in one app.

[ Photo Slide Show / Photo Animation ]
You can play your photo video within the app and see photo album gallery using slideshow. Photo slideshow support many animations to play photo gallery album. You can change the interval timing, sequencing and many more settings.

[ Photo Editor ]
It's an endless photo editor using this you can edit your photo withing the gallery app. Photo Editor will allows to change rotation of the picture, crop, set brightness, saturation, hue, sharpen effect, blur effect and also allows to add text, stickers, frames, backgrounds and many more settings. You can set the Photo Color Filter to make your photo more effective.

[ Favorite Directory ]
Add your photo into favorite list by just one tap. You can manage your favorite photo list and quickly access the favorite list any time. Favorite photo gallery images & free photo album gallery with photo 3d abum gallery download.

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So Download this Photo Gallery App and Organize the photo smartly. You can write us your review and feedback for improvements. For more query contact us on
Email : signitivesoft@gmail.com

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