Beauty Plus Camera
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✲ Beauty Plus Camera ✲

Beauty Plus Camera is a camera for android that is easy to use to make your selfie photo more perfect. Because the application is equipped with a very complete tool.

Beauty+ Camera helps you look your best.
Fun and powerful portrait & selfie camera!

Beauty camera adds a radiant complexion for perfect face and selfie pics Specially Designed Camra & Editor for Selfie.

Beauty Plus Camera is the Sweet Selfie Camera & Magical Camera App can takes beauty selfies with cool filters, cute makeup sticker! And you can Add text on Photo with cute sticker, cute word sitckers.

✲ Features of Beauty Plus Camera ✲

* More than 100+ grid collage shape
* Combine photos with amazing layouts into beautiful collages
* Turn your pics into art with perfect filters, effects and photo editing tools
* Selfie photos of you with selfie camara int Beauty Plus Selfie Camera app.
* 50+ Nice frames, 500+ cute stickers.
* User-friendly functions.
* Over 50+ filters and effects for your pictures – Pop art, vintage, retro, black and white, and much more!
* Share your photos to Social media....

Save time and space with Beauty Plus Selfie Camera and download it today!
Now, Come to Beauty Camera Plus to make art photos and extremely pro visual effects to share with friends.

Happy enjoy it!

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