gleam unicorn theme
حجم:۰.۹ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱۰۰۰۱۰۰۲(۱۳۹۶/۰۷/۲۰)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Do you like unicorn and gleam? Do you want a them for unicorn with gleam?install this elegant gleam unicorn keyboard theme .this elegant gleam unicorn keyboard theme offers wonderful typing experience and pretty images for you.
Features ☂:
Here are the feature of this gleam unicorn theme:
★1 Color:This gleam unicorn theme has vivid color if you like vivid then this gleam unicorn theme is a great theme for you.
★2 Unique feature:his gleam unicorn theme has unicorn on wallpaper.if you like unicorn or gleam you will like it.

★3 prediction and correction :This gleam unicorn theme can predict the words you want to write even if you just input only one words.
★4 emoji: This gleam unicorn theme has more than 800+ emojis.so you can send all of the emojis you like ti your friends.and they will make your life more funny.
★5 Theme store: This gleam unicorn theme has a really big theme store,which has almost 400 themes for you.that means you can change the theme as you like and you can change themes everyday.this gleam unicorn theme has themes which are cute,lovely,cool,and tech.users can choose theme as they like.
★6 Font size: This gleam unicorn theme can change the the size of fonts as you like.
★7 Sound&Vibration: This gleam unicorn theme has sounds.if you want sounds you can open it after clink on the set keys.
★8 Languages:This gleam unicorn theme offers 80+ different languages for users.no matter you are users who use English or Russia or French or Indian.this gleam unicorn theme can offer the language you want.
How to install this gleam unicorn heme?
※1 Firstly ,you should download panda keyboard in your phone.
※2 Secondly,you should download this gleam unicorn theme in your phone.then you can use this gleam unicorn theme.
This gleam unicorn theme is designed for people who like gleam unicorn.we offer many features which have relationship with gleam unicorn and unicorn and gleam.
The color of the wallpaper of this gleam unicorn theme keyboard theme is colorful.and if you like colorful you will like this classic theme theme very much.here are some features of this classic theme theme.
1 This gleam unicorn theme will offer you vivid and lucid.it is the combine of vivid and lucid.
2 This gleam unicorn theme is apply to samsung galaxy S8 and samsung galaxy S8 plus.also if you use Huawei P10 or classic classic or vivo this classic theme theme is available for your phone.
3 This gleam unicorn theme has unicorn,.if you like unicorn you will like this gleam unicorn theme.
elegant unicorn and gleam features for you.if you like elegant unicorn and gleam sea you will like this gleam unicorn keyboard very much.and it will give you a wonderful typing experience.this gleam unicorn keyboard theme not only have the vivid effect but also have gleam unicorn features.when u have downloaded this gleam unicorn keyboard theme you will find out the unique charm of this gleam unicorn keyboard theme.
If you like this gleam unicorn keyboard theme, please do not forget to write comments. Thank you!

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