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PIP Photo Magazine Editor is the most fun and creative Photo Editor for your Photos. PIP Photo Magazine Editor lets you set a photo in another photo with the creative frame. Easily making your photo more stunning than other photo frames.

PIP Photo Magazine Effects Editor will let you create photos as beautiful as possible.

Blur background of photo & set photo in different frame.

PIP Photo Magazine create cool looking photo frames magazine blur type.

Pip photo magazine editor is a fun app for photo maker that allows putting one picture inside another, within a variety of spaces: frames, magazines, stickers, things, displays.

<---------- Features: ---------->

► 25+ PIIP Frames templates and Pics in Pics effect.
► Beautiful collection of HD PIP Magazine Covers.
► Add Text, Superb Stickers in your image.
► Change background or foreground image.
► Easily Save, Share and delete your Creation.

<---------- How to use: ---------->

► Select your photo from gallery or camera.
► In PIP Mode,Photo will be Blur Automatically and front photo will be focused.
► Apply Photo effect to your photo to make it more attractive.
► Easily share the photo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to wow your friends and share this wonderful photo editor app.
► Background and foreground in Classic mode both can be changed any time.
► You can save your photo from SD card.

Share your creative PIP Photo Magazine via social media with friends and family.

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