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Last update9/25/2020
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Developer Zonya

• Rapper Simulator - Start your rap career and conquer the world with your music!

The rap game, where you can become a rapper.

• Create songs

• Release albums and songs

• Make music videos

• Get millions of views

• Make big money

• Buy vehicles & houses, get prestige

• Sign contracts with record labels

• Customise your character

• Collaborate with other rappers

• Dominate the charts

• Make your songs Gold, Platinum and Diamond

• Break world records

• Improve your rap skills

• Upgrade your studio

• Get fans on social media

• Perform in TV & Radio, play concerts

• Become a criminal

• Control career when your rapper is dead

Languages: English, French, German, Polish, Spanish.


- Feat requests
- Adding singles to album
- Show death date option
- New rappers
- No need to choose covers (updated)
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