Content Publishing Policy

1. Apps that contain prohibited sexual content (photos, videos, stimulating explanations) will not be published in Myket.
2. Apps that contain violent, racist, and discriminatory content will not be published on Myket.
3. You are not allowed to introduce yourself as another developer or say the product is produced by another company or organization.
4. Developers should not refer users to other applications or link to another app in your app. Also, an app should not have the same names or icons as other apps.
5. Avoid putting incorrect information and incorrect screenshots in app content and app descriptions.
6. Applications that receive personal information such as bank account numbers and national codes, will not be accepted in Myket.
7. If you use the content generated by others in a free application, the resources used should be fully described.
8. If a purchase application uses content generated by others, the app must be approved by the content owners. The developer is responsible for obtaining the consent of others for the use of their content or intellectual property.
9.  Myket does not allow apps that harm users’ smart devices in any way to be published in Myket. These include viruses, Trojans, worms and malwares.
10. Apps should not be modified on the device (outside of the application environment) without user permission for example, install another program or create different icons. (That is only possible to do with the full knowledge and obtain permission from the user and also the user should be able to easily reset the changes.)
11. The application should not use the network and data connection without the user’s knowledge and force the user to pay unwanted expenses.
12. Because developers are the biggest Myket partners in maintaining the great experience of using Myket, note that:
a. Avoid publishing duplicate content on Myket.
b. Developers should not try to improve the position of their app by purchasing unrealistic reviews and downloads, and so on.
c. Acceptance of programs made with automated software (App builder software) in Myket varies with regular applications. So, it’s best to consult our experts on submitting applications that are produced by such software.
13. Apps that are published on Myket, if they offer virtual goods, content, services, currency, coins or anything else to the user for purchase, need to use the Myket in app purchase system.
14. The function of the application must be consistent with the description of the app.
15. The description of the application must be complete and include all details. For example, it must be noted in the app’s description that the app has limitations on the version of Android that is required to run or not running on some phones.
16. The screenshots provided for the app must be consistent with the app user interface.
17. The application should run correctly and have not any errors (Force close)
18. The application must be tested on different devices and it should be noted that it may be incompatible with some devices or Android versions in the app’s description.
19. The content of the app must have the minimum quality in   performance, appearance and content.
20. The content of the app will be measured in accordance with the rules of the community and the laws of Iran and apps that have not followed the red lines will not be published.
21. Selling non-Iranian apps in Myket is not allowed.
22. Apps that can send SMS messages or call without telling the user and confirming the user are not approved by Myket.

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