Profile account in Myket
Why should i create account in Myket
How to register a Myket account
I forgot my password, what should I do?
when I try to sign in I get the “Account Not Verified” message. What should I do?
I didn’t receive the Activation email after I registered at Myket. What should I do?
Can I change my email address in my Account?
Purchasing Apps and In-App purchases
How can I make purchases at Myket?
I’ve made an In-App Purchase but the item did not appear in the game, what should I do?
I’ve added credit to my account but it didn’t work and my credit is the same, what should I do?
I’ve purchased an application and my account was charged, when I intend to download the application, I have to pay again for that application even though I’ve already paid for it once. What should I do?
What is Myket’s Gift Credit and how can I use it?
How can I download an application that I’ve purchased before, for a second time? Should I pay for the app again?
When I was trying to add credit to my account I chose the wrong amount, what should I do?
Download, Install and Updating applications
How does Automatic Download work?
Why the version of the some apps is higher than the version of same app in Google Play?
I can’t install the application after download, what should I do?
How can I update my applications?
Sometimes the download speed is low, Why is that?
Why does it say “Incompatible” instead of “Download” for some applications?
Why the description of all foreign applications are not translated to Farsi?
Why I can’t comment for some applications?
How can I contact application developers?
How can I request an application that is not available on Myket?
How can I bookmark an application?