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DinoConnect #1
DinoConnect #2


DinoConnect is the companion app to the WF-10 WiFi Adapter by Dino-Lite. Plug in a compatible Dino-Lite microscope to the WF-10 and connect to your mobile device to wirelessly stream live video directly to your device.

Key Features:
·Capture still images and video directly to your mobile device
·Toggle LEDs on/off.
·Adjust several image settings including exposure

DinoConnect is currently compatible with Dino-Lite Edge Series and Dino-Lite Premier (R4) series models. Contact us to confirm compatibility with your Dino-Lite.

Want more information on the Dino-Lite brand of digital microscopes and accessories? Visit us on the web at http://dino-lite.com.tw

For technical support or questions regarding Dino-Lite products, Please email us at sales@anmo.com.tw

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

Fixed android 8.0 compatibility issues.

   دسترسی های نرم افزار

  • اینترنت
  • نوشتن بر روی حافظه گوشی
  • دیدن وضعیت شبکه
  • خواندن وضعیت روشن/خاموش بودن wifi
  • استفاده از مدیریت دانلود دستگاه بدون اعلان
  • بیدار نگه داشتن دستگاه

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