Lighting Text Photo Frames
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Lighting Text Photo Frame makes a Lighting Photo using many different different style and color.

Stylish lighting name maker Creates more attractive and beautiful photo.
Lighting Text Photo Frame Name Text Lighting free is Lighting name maker app to make your name with Lighting Text Name Maker.

Use different tool such as resizer, or move and rotate photographs in order to fit it into flare photo frame. Find latest photo suits with melting ice or the one with live coals and adjust photos into it.

Name and Nicknames can be written in beautiful Lighting styles and unique photo backgrounds.

Stylish Lighting name maker frames is Lighting Text Photo Maker name maker and fire names editor app fire text Photo Frame.

Stylish name maker is also called Lighting name maker and names in fireworks.
Set your photos on fire with this beautiful application. All you have to do is to select the effect and your photo from the camera roll or gallery. Choose Fire frames that suit your photos perfectly and wrap them up. Get fiery effects to your pictures using “Lighting Photo Frames”.

Lighting Text Photo Frames is nice app that lets you customize your photos. Choose a photo from your gallery or take it with the camera of your device, select a frame and generate your photo. You can prepare your photo easily in few clicks Framography.

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*** Main Features: - ***
- Collection of many different different style of Lighting frame.
- Select Best Beautiful Lighting Text Photo Frame DP maker frame.
- Select Photo from gallery or take photo by using camera.
- Choose best frame from Lighting Text Photo Frame collections
- Apply Lighting Frames on photo.
- You can set your images / snap like as Rotate, scale, zoom in / out or drag the photo to fit the frame.
- Add amazing photo effects as Shapical Effect and add photo text on image.

*** Add Fire Sticker & Text: ***

- Add text on frames with different colors and styles.
- With Unique Shadow of your Text Name
- Use wide range of smiley and stickers to make your pic classic.
- Add fire Text Effect on picture.

*** Photo Editor Effects: ***
- Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the “Lighting Text Photo Frame' as you like!
- Add amazing photo effects & Pixel Photo Effect and add photo text on image
- Adjust size, angle and position of photo easily with multi touch effect!

*** Tools: ***
- You can set Brighten, FX, Text on cake, Stickers, Flip, Drag and drop picture and many more
- Give photo effect like grey scale, hue, contrast, many color effects, Filters and more.
- Adjusting Opacity of Lighting Photo and Adjusting Seek Bar to Color in lighting photo.
- Photo Blending Photo with Fire Text Frame

*** Save & Share: ***
- Save image and use it as wallpaper
- Save your final photo into SD card With Stylish Lighting Name Maker.
- Save your alphabet photo into your external storage or mobile device.
Download this Lighting Text Photo Frames app for FREE now and create beautiful Lighting Text Name and share with friends and family for best occasions in life.
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