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Time Lapse Camera & Video #1
Time Lapse Camera & Video #2
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Make use of one of the most powerful time lapse camera apps on Google Play. With tons of recording and previewing options, you’ll have all of the needed professional tools for time lapse photography. All you need is your phone, the Time Lapse Camera & Video and some great landscape. You can easily make stunning hd time lapse camera videos for your own personal collection of favorite places or for YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing websites where you can actually earn from your time lapse videos! 📷

You don’t need to be tech savvy or a photographer to create stunning time lapses. All you need is little creativity, great landscape and our time lapse camera app. Simply tap on 🎥 Start Recordingand you’ll create something amazing! You can also open previews or view the videos and time lapses in your gallery from within the app until you have the best final time lapse.

Our time lapse camera app gives great customization features so you can make the videos work for you! There are 3 recording modes for recording normal videos, time lapsed videos and time lapsed images! Simply choose your preference and create photography art! You can also pick resolution, playback frame rate, camera capture rate and much more.

📷 Time Lapse Camera & Video FEATURES ▶️
✅ easy creation of time lapse video or photos
✅ intuitive and easy to use
✅ 3 recording modes
✅ ability to adjust frame rate, camera capture rate, playback frame rate
✅ schedule recording
✅ ability to stop recording or delay recording
✅ get notifications for low battery and low battery storage space

Impress anyone with your favorite and amazing time lapse photography and videos!

Get this light, free and highly professional time lapse photo app!

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New Recording features with front end recording

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