I.V. Drug Handbook

I.V. Drug Handbook

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McGraw-Hill's I.V. Drug Handbook delivers concise, practical guidance, featuring a strong focus on patient safety, administering and monitoring. Written by and for practicing nurses and pharmacists, the Handbook is reliable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use.

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Everything you need for a safe, successful I.V. drug administration:

 • All-inclusive coverage of over 350 parenteral drugs with the latest warnings from the FDA
 • Includes antibiotics, insulin, pain medications, emergency drugs -- and more coverage of chemotherapeutic agents with more supportive therapies than you'll find in any other text
 • Provides the most comprehensive, specific, evidence-based guidelines on administering high-alert and hazardous drugs available anywhere
 • Each drug monograph includes administration guidelines, covering preparation, dilution & compatibility, infusion rates, admixtures, supportive therapies and monitoring.
 • Includes a 32 page full-color patient safety insert describing measures for ensuring safe drug administration, including 6 pages on inserting an I.V. catheter
 • Uses distinctive icons to call your attention to 'clinical alerts,' 'life-threatening reactions,' 'high-alert', 'hazardous' drugs, and more

Biographical note:
Patricia Dwyer Schull, MSN, RN, has been in medical publishing for more than twenty years. Prior to establishing MedVantage Publishing, Patricia held executive management positions with the top medical publishers in the world. She has edited and authored many popular nursing publications including several drug titles. Before entering the publishing business, Patricia spent 16 years in various aspects of nursing management, direct patient care and staff education as a professional registered nurse.

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