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Bipark | Online Parking Service Application

Bipark | Online Parking Service Application

Type Application
Category Productivity
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Developer خانی زاد
Size6 MB
Last update2/3/2020
'BiPark' is a Mobile Application for online car parking in Tehran and the big cities. With the 'BiPark' you can use any of the parking spaces around you wherever you are.
Currently, there are about 300 'parking spaces in Tehran' and the suburbs available to you and 'BiPark' leads you wherever you are to the 'nearest parking lot'.
Download the free park app 'Bipark' and Park Online!
Easily find a parking spot through the 'BiPark'!
You can see availableparking lots,prices, etc. on the map and park wherever you want!
‏‏• بهبود و تغییرات اساسی در رابط کاربری  
‏• امکان مدیریت چندین پارکینگ  
‏• امکان مدیریت درخواست ها و رزرو ها  
‏• افزودن گزارش های آماری از فعالیت پارکینگ  
‏• امکان ارتباط انلاین با پنل پارکینگ  
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