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Last update12/24/2018
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Developer پوهو اپ

“Farsi Millionaire” quiz game is app version of popular TV game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” broadcasting in various countries in different languages.

Goal of the program is evaluation of general information and knowledge level of people on various subjects via game and fun. Each participant in this game needs to answer few tests with ascending difficulty levels and then gets paid based on the levels they reach.

A similar game show called “BarandehBash” or “BarandehShow” be broadcasting in Iranian TV, hosted by Mohammad Reza Golzar.

In this app we’ve tried to simulate the same atmosphere by using a proper algorithm and avoiding classic outdated questions. Success of this app will be followed by future versions with new questions.

It's notable the presented amounts of money in this app are only representatives of scores, and you can see them on table of daily, weekly, monthly and overall leader-boards. We openly welcome all your comments on the app to improve the game as you wish.


• Simple and Free registration.

• No repetitious questions until a player runs through whole question bank.

• Active timer on all levels to avoid probable cheatings.

• Timer will be paused in case of receiving a call during the game.

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