WedMeGood - Wedding Planner

WedMeGood - Wedding Planner

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WedMeGood is India's most loved wedding planning app, that can help you plan your wedding, your way. Find vendors according to your wedding budget and style, discover new wedding ideas and inspiration, browse through thousands of real weddings and use the wedding checklist & wedding countdown to stay on track of your shaadi planning process. Use search filters to find what you're looking for and vendor reviews to make informed choices.

Weddings, specially Indian weddings are always planned with family . Add them as Collaborators. Share your shortlisted vendors and ideas with them and keep track of wedding planning and to-dos with the help of a detailed wedding checklist that counts down to your own wedding date.


Wedding Ideas and Inspiration:
Browse over 70,000 wedding photos that identify your style as well as unique ideas. Explore Real Weddings to learn from real couples' wedding experiences. Keep up with industry trends, DIY tips, and WedMeGood events in Articles.

Explore Wedding Vendors:
Find vendors across 18 relevant categories (e.g. Venues, Photographers, Bridal Wear, Makeup Artists etc.) in over 11 cities with varied experience in Indian weddings . Narrow down results using extensive filters such as Location, Cost etc. to identify those which fall within your budget and style.

Vendor Details:
View phone numbers to get in touch with vendors directly. Go through photographs of their work and read trusted reviews to make informed choices.

Invite your special someone and loved ones to plan your wedding together down to every last detail and to stay on the same page. Share images, Real Weddings, and vendors that catch your eye with collaborators on the Wedding Wall. Check off items on your checklist together. Comment to express your views.

Wedding Checklist:
Stay on top of wedding planning with the help of an organized wedding checklist from month 12 to month 1. Check items as done, and keep a track of the pending ones with your own wedding countdown. You can also share your checklist with your fiance so that you plan together.

Shortlist your favorite vendors:
Filter your favorite wedding vendors by shortlisting them and then contact them for best quotes. Access their profiles quickly from the 'My Wedding' tab.

Send queries directly to multiple vendors without having to share your contact details. All replies are stored in one place and can be found easily at any given point of time. You can also add collaborators to the thread and can make a decision together.

Find photos and vendors for exactly what you're looking for using the search tool. E.g. Floral print lehenga

Love the photos, Real Weddings, and articles that inspire you to find them easily later. You can save pictures and articles you like and refer them later for your wedding planning.

Download the WedMeGood app - 'your personal wedding planner' —it's your one-stop solution for all your wedding planning needs and the bridal app every bride (or groom ) needs !

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