Reverse Video FX - Magic Video Maker
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Reverse Video FX
Reverse Movie FX is an app that lets you create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick. You can record the video or selected it from gallery if already exist.
You can also use Slow Motion Video Maker, converts your selected video to play in slow motion. Using Fast motion video, you can speed up your video or movie. You select your video in gallery or camera and play in slow & fast motion effect.
You can record a video of anything like crashing bottle, drinking pineapple juice, talking or any other idea that comes to your head. Now using Video Cutter, Remove your favorite part or unwanted part from video. After that press on “Reverse Video” button and you are ready to see the magic. Once converted you can play the video from our app gallery or you can go to “My Creation' screen that contains all of your created videos.

:: Reverse Video ::
* Select video from your gallery or record through your camera.
* Cut Video using Video Cutter as you like.
* Tap Reverse video button to reverse you desire video easily.

:: Slow Motion Video ::
* Choose video from gallery or record your video with camera.
* Cut your unwanted part from you video.
* Tap Slow motion video to slow down speed of video.

:: Fast Motion Video ::
* Pick up your best video from your album.
* Cut your Video from stat to end as you like.
* Just Click Fast Motion Video Button to increase speed of any video file.

You can share or save your video creation to our app gallery or SD card.
We give you custom video player for see the preview of your final video. You can increase/decrease sound, increase/decrease brightness, Lock player, see the video file info and Enable/disable audio.
Please email us if your device is not supported, we will try our best to support it.
if you love this Reverse Video Maker application, please rate us and comment to encourage developers.
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