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Last update11/14/2020
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Boost your memory by speeding up your brain, speeding up your brain's response, expanding your memory, and sharing your point of interest around the world.

This game is completely free and requires no in-app payments.

Advantages of this game:

Your brain consists of different parts, each of which needs training and training to ensure your brain's health and increase your mental skills. Failure to pay attention to the brain can lead to brain damage that increases the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's and other brain disorders if you do not use the mind when it comes to age.

Simply by playing this game, your brain is challenged in many ways, which can have a huge impact on preventing the laziness of the mind and losing its effectiveness.

Thinking, calculating, remembering images, remembering images and using the left brain hemisphere are just some of the things that are considered in this game.

Game menu included

1-Draw Numbers

2-addition and subtraction

3. Big or small people

4- Multiplication table

5. Which number is the part

6. Which animal part

7-Which letter is the part

8. Number of photo reps


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