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Welcome to the best programming app to learn programming.

Here, programming just got fun 🎉🎊.

Build your own game 🎮 while learning to code:

🚀 Build a simple programming game while learning.

🚀 Apply programming concepts immediately after learning.

Learn to code in a fun 💃🏻🕺way

Coding should be fun, interactive, enjoyable, ⛹️⛷️. We used fun teen conversations to teach with game like challenges. Our quiz games are unique and mind-blowing.

Gain superpowers 💪

Surprise points, gifts 🥇, superpower badges, coding games will make your learning very enjoyable. Our mission is to provide teen, adult and coding for kids with fun.

Learn with visuals and graphics 😻👯

Visuals help you to retain a concept 10 times longer. Our fun illustrations and real-world examples will make computer programming a piece of cake for you.

Code.org Winner 🏆:

Programming Hero is the selected learning app for #1 programming promoting organization Code.org. We are included in the Hour of Code.

Data Structures:

Master the concepts of data structures. Learn stack, queue, linked list, dictionary, tree, etc.


We don't teach hello world in 16 different programming language. Instead, we will make you Algorithm king. Explore linear search, binary search and sorting algorithms like the bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, etc. You will also master time complexity, space complexity.

Programming Languages:

Currently, we used python (python3) to explain programming concepts. You can learn these concepts and apply in them in every programming language. If you want to learn C programming, or learn C++, or learn python, or learn java, this app will help. Soon, we will support other Programming Languages.

Fun Quiz 😎🤠

Our quizzes are fun. Like 3 second burger game, 45 seconds ice-cream game, 5 second pizza game. They are fun and challenging at the same time.

Other key features are-

🎯 Programming for non-programmers

🎯 Programming Games (Coming in July 2019)

🎯 Space shooting Game to explain Basic Programming

🎯 Basketball Game to explain Data Structures

🎯 Get help from thousands of learners in the Forum

🎯 Learning Games

🎯 Easy stories and real-world examples

🎯 Interactive coding challenges, coding games

🎯 And many more...

Enjoy this app, learn to program and get closer to your dream.

Upcoming Features 🏇🏇

This is our first step to build a complete coding Bootcamp. We will help you to complete your journey to build your future. We deployed a few highly trained coffee sucking developers and content creators to add more fun content.

🎯 OOP and design upgrade: June 2019

🎯 Build your own game and Code playground: July 2019

🎯 Web Development Bootcamp: August 2019

Your review, feedback, and improvement ideas encourage us to work harder for more fun contents. Send those to codinism@gmail.com

With ❤️ Love from Team Programming Hero.

Have Summer Fun with Programming Hero 🤾‍♀️🏖️🏊

In version 1.4.3 we added:

+ Advanced content...Algorithm Galaxy🎁
+ Brand new Pizza game 🍕for Conditionals
+ Split Basic Concepts into Fundamentals
+ Significant Performance Improvement 🔥
+ Added quiz explanations on Quiz Games
+ Improved Certificate download system
+ Bug fix and content update

Update away!

Send ❤️ at: codinism@gmail.com
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