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Goalify assists you in
+ reaching your goals,
+ managing repeating tasks and To-dos,
+ working on your habits,
+ and improving your overall persistence and productivity

Together with your friends you can
+ set up groups to support one another
+ create Challenges to check your progress compared to others
+ share motivating messages with the chat feature

Goalify is a smart productivity app that you can use to quickly, easily and effectively record any number of goals or other tasks that you’d like to accomplish.

Goalify is a beautiful application that allows you track your goals and habits without investing a lot of time. Our automated coaches are always there to help you to stay on top of everything, keeping you motivated along the way. Using the free version you can work on up to 3 goals at a time.

+ Goalify has an intuitive and streamlined design so it’s very easy to use. That means you can concentrate on reaching your goals and working on your habits.
+ Check off repeating tasks and to-dos, record your training progress, form a habit: With Goalify you can easily record all your goals and improve your habits!
+ The beautiful and easy to use dashboard makes it especially easy to stay on top of all your goals, tasks, to-dos and habits. You can quickly check your progress and what you have already accomplished.
+Goalify ensures success with dynamic notifications, tips and push messages. Intelligent reminders give you encouragement when you need it most.
+ You can chat with your friends in groups or challenges and share motivating messages and quickly ask questions.
+ You can pause a goal if you don’t have time to work on it at the moment.
+ Use the detailed review graphs to see how you’re doing and to analyze your progress.
+ With Goalify you can set up and save your own daily and weekly training plans.
+ Connect with people you know, share your progress and increase your motivation. You can easily create groups with unlimited members.
+ Take part in a challenge and see how you’re doing compared to others. You can even set up a Challenge for yourself and your friends.
+ Looking for inspiration? Choose from 7 categories and over 50 ready-to-use goal examples or fully customize your goals to your needs!

All these features make Goalify the ideal tool for reaching goals, accomplishing task and to-dos, forming and breaking habits and increasing your consistency and productivity in general. Goalify has been developed not only to make you more successful but also to make you happier.

NEW FEATURE – Goalify as professional tool for Coaches, Teachers and Managers.
If you work as a coach, teacher or manager you can now use the Goalify Coaching Edition – an extension of the Goalify App, which will help you to connect with your students, clients and athletes utilizing the extensive ecosystem for coaching and study support. Use Goalify to coach and support your clients and students in reaching their goals, getting tasks and to-dos done, forming and breaking habits and to improve their overall productivity. Goalify Coaching Edition will let you reach out far beyond your classroom or gym.

+ Create goals, tasks, to-dos and training plans. Create templates to reuse plans easier and faster.
+ Use the activity log to monitor your students and clients progress and success. Easy to use filters and sorting mechanisms help you to coach where coaching is needed.
+ Set up private chats with your clients
+ Easy to read graphs highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your clients and students. You can check the progress and success of both individuals and groups.
+ Goalify is intuitively designed and easy to use

Goalify is crafted by a enthusiastic team and we are committed to update and improve our app consistently. We are eager to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our app and service. Get in touch at hello@goalifyapp.com, facebook or tweet us @goalify. Get help and instructions on our homepage at goalifyapp.com/help

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We have also improved our support for 3D touch.
Please read our updated privacy policy at goalifyapp.com

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