Balonet - Professional Messaging

Type Application
Category Business
Download count19 Thousand
Review count209
Developer زمین
Size26 MB
Last update6/24/2020

What's New

▣ Chat
✔️ Edit Photo (Rotate and Crop) 
✔️ Add caption for selected media from gallery
✔️ Improve voice message upload

▣ Project
✔️ Search in title and description of tasks
✔️ Filter tasks by Tags, Status and Assignees
✔️ Disable editing task's title and due date for assignees
✔️ Add previews for long descriptions of tasks

▣ Education Channel
✔️ Display unread messages badge

▣ Network
✔️ Add the Custom Filter Settings in Network Settings

▣ Form
✔️ Search in entries and drafts form content
✔️ Generating reports from single choice, multi choice and yes no fields in forms

▣ General
✔️ Is Connecting  improvements
✔️ Sharing improvements
✔️ Joining via links improvement
✔️ Add the Custom Filter Settings in settings page
✔️ Improve the drag of custom filters
✔️ Minor bug fixes

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