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For Free, No Advertising. Weawow is a beautiful weather app.
Because weawow is the marketplace for selling photographer's photos.

Weather forecast and current weather

- All features are free. The annoying advertisement is not displayed.
- Find out the weather situation in your area through weather forecasts and beautiful photos matched to each location.
- The latest events can be understood in detail through 24 hour advance forecasts in 1 hour increments.
- The weather details are Temperature, Apparent Temperature, Precipitation Probability, Humidity, Dew point, Clouds cover, Pressure, Wind, UV index, and Visibility.
- Understand 7 day weather forecasts through a simple digest.
- Covers accurate weather forecasts around the world and about 30 languages.
- Find out the situation of rain clouds, temperatures, cloud and wind movements from up to 24 hours by the radar map.
- Never miss beautiful sights like the sunrise, sunset, twilight, waxing and waning of the moon, and the clouds.
- You can see The next full moon day, the new moon day, and today's moon age.

Simple interface

- 1 screen weather forecast just by scrolling down.
- Detailed radar map can be checked according to preference.

Weather widgets

- Home screen will be very well by weather and beautiful photo.
- Size is 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, and 4x4. you can resize all widgets.
- There is the widget of the clock and weather too.
- If you tap the clock of the widget, the clock App will be launched.
- If you tap the date text of the widget, the calendar App will be launched.
- By adding a beautiful weawow weather widget on the home screen, you do not need to add the alarm app and the calendar app on the home screen.

Weather daily notification and on-going notification

- Weather forecast notifications can be specified by time.
- You can always display beautiful weather forecast in the notification area.
- In the notification area, you can choose weather for 8 hours a day, weather for a week, current weather.
- In the status bar, you can display the current temperature, the highest temperature of today, the lowest temperature of today, the weather type of today.

Post your beautiful photos

- You can post and sell your photos by using Weawow's browser service.
- Posted photos are automatically displayed on the app.

Weather services powered by Dark Sky.
Photo services powered by Weawow.

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Fixed the bookmark error of places on Android 5.0.

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