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★★ Umrani (online shopping and life insurance) ★★
★ Make life insurance with you as you wish. ★
Through the live application, you can easily and onlinely and securely secure your life and your family with millions of retail outlets at any time, anywhere. You can always get insurance free of charge by post.
Very easy in the first step, you choose the payment method (monthly, quarterly, six month, one year old) and in the second step you choose the right, then you fill out the form and all. Waiting for your home insurance!
★ You can access dozens of articles on life insurance and raise awareness.
★ You can save your time and money without any waste of time and within a few minutes you will get Umero insurance!
★ You can buy health insurance at a monthly, monthly, and perpetual discount!
★ If the state of health is good, you can help children: work, poor, life imprisoned, orphanage, orphanage, bad guy, life insurance, and bad guys.
★ If you are a boss, you can buy an insurance policy for your employees (corporate insurance policy)!
★ If you want to get free insurance, if you like!
★ You can literally find dozens of life insurance and life insurance video tutorials!
★ You can even enter a free-of-charge and invoice before purchasing a lifetime license, then you can take care of yourself and your family if you are insured.
★ If you have a life insurance, you can easily check your name, insurance, and checking account number!
★ In depth you can find dozens of questions, answer the question you are asking and even if you do not find it, you can ask questions very quickly and quickly and get your feedback quickly!
★ Your card from any bank, you can pay your money very quickly!
Truly, if you buy a lifetime of insurance, you will be sent a three-time SMS reminder to you in a timely manner.
Remember to use our additional features and if you need, you can contact us for advice through telephone, telegram, your account, email, texting, instagram, etc.
★★ Do not waste your time and make upcoming online ★★
‏‏تغییرات نسخه : 0.1.4 
‏🔺 بهبود و اعمال تغییر در صفحه اول عمرانه با محیط کاربر پسند 
‏🔺 بهبود و اعمال تغییر در صفحه ( خرید بیمه نامه عمر کارفرمایان ) با محیط کاربر پسند 
‏🔺 کاهش حجم امکانات صفحه اول و انتقال آنها به منوی عمرانه 
‏🔺 بهبود و اعمال تغییر در منوی عمرانه با محیط کاربر پسند 
‏🔺 بهبود در بخش استعلام بیمه عمر 
‏🔺 بهبود در بخش تاریخچه سفارشات خرید بیمه نامه عمر 
‏🔺 بهبود در بخش رهگیری صدور و ارسال بیمه نامه های عمر 

‏تغییرات نسخه : 0.1.3  
‏🔺 افزودن اعلان هنگام دریافت پیام در پروفایل ( حساب کاربری ) کاربران 
‏🔺 بهبود بخش استعلام آنلاین 
‏🔺 تصحیح لینک های صفحات مجازی عمرانه در بخش ( درباره عمرانه ) 
‏🔺 بهبود عمرانه برای نابینایان عزیز 
‏🔺 افزودن حالت شب و امکان بزرگنمایی به متون 
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