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Online Esm Famil

Type Game
Category Family
Download count60 Thousand
Review count529
Developer میثم بیرانوند
Size9 MB
Last update7/30/2019
Enjoy your last name online experience ...
With anyone from anywhere in the world can easily play your last name
Feeling bored and do not know what to do?
Easily with friends, family or whoever you want to name is available
As you can see the points lead users still see yourself ...
General and other facilities with beautiful and friendly environment
Play now!

What's New

‏‏• اضافه کردن بخش مشاهیر اسم فامیل 
‏• امکان مشاهده رتبه کاربر در بخش مشاهیر و نمایش فاصله بین کاربر بالایی و پایینی 
‏• رفع مشکل هنگ کردن بازی  
‏• رفع برخی اشکالات جزئی

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