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Relaxsho is an Android multi self-assessment app that has only one goal, helps you to relax and keeps you on that way!

Mental Health!

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Obsession, Insomnia and Phobia are six major mental problems included in this section. There are some psychological articles intended for informational purpose, you can test yourself, manage your mental problems with useful self-care strategies or learn how to helping people cope with these mental illnesses.


You can write your daily journal or take a note with this tool, It\’s simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to undrestand them more clearly and if you struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, obsession, insomnia and phobia, journaling can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

Be Optimistic

You can read articles about positive thinking and learn how to imporve your life quality.

Inspirational quotes

Hundreds of Online and Offline quotes included in this section. their words will motivate you. just shake the phone!


Mix nature sounds and make an enjoyable unique music whenever you need to relax!


It’s very peaceful when you relax with nature. There are amazing sights to seein this section including high quality sounds which can be used in many different ways like relaxing, during yoga and meditation or breathing exercise.


try to exercise some deep breathing ، do yoga and listen to music.


Read short stories online here . A good and inspiring story is something you need more. it can change your mood and motivate you!

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