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Characteristics of al-Sha'a is a narrative book on the ethical and behavioral traits of Shiites by Sheikh Sadukh (d. 381 AH). This book, which the traits that the Shi'ites have to describe, have always been considered by Shiite scholars and jurisprudents and have been cited in many narrative collections.

This book has been considered by scholars and scholars of Shi'a for several centuries and has been cited in many narrative collections such as: Al-Dāma al-Sakiba by Mohammad Baqer bin Abdulkarim Dehdashti Najafi, Baharalanvar Allameh Majlisi, Wasa al-Shiyah Sheikh Har Amali and Mustardak al-Sullah Mohaddes Nouri.

This book contains 71 hadiths and includes topics such as:

Shiite traits

Surrender to the Imams



Believable traits

How to socialize with people

Strength in religion

Friendship for God

Enemy for God and the worship of morality

* Added Arabic text of Al-Shi'ah book of attributes
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