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Bale Messenger

Bale Messenger

Type Application
Category Social
Download count600 Thousand
Review count3,223
Developer پلتفرم مالی و اجتماعی بله
Version6.7.2 (4835)
Size44 MB
Last update9/16/2020
Thinking of a new messenger? One that gives you a different experience; “experience of comfort”
Bale is a FREE instant messaging app available on android and iOS. “Bale” provides all features of an instant messenger like sending texts, photos, videos and voice quickly.
Funny stickers: Bring your conversations to life with several stickers
Keep in contact: Stay logged in so you never miss a message, forward messages, photos and voices to people who were not in the conversation.
Multimedia: sending texts, videos, photos and voice. Shoot photos and videos right using the app and send them with only one tap
Group chats: Create groups for the people you find related to each other, name them, set group photos and keep them all in one place.
Availabilities: Know when your contacts were on Bale for last time. You can also search for people and groups.
Soon, there will be several attractive banking features added to Bale that makes it an ATM right in your hands.
You can easily download the app and leave a review. Your reviews will help us improve our services considering your desired features.
‏‏- رفع مشکل قطع شدن اتصال بله در برخی گوشی‌ها
‏- بهبود فشرده‌سازی ویدیو
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