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Last update11/9/2020
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Developer رمزینکس

As you know, for trading crypto (bitcoin,etherem,...) at international trading markets, you have to buy an accepted digital currency and then transfer it to another platforms or exchange it.

Ramzinex is the most prestigious platform for knowledge based and without intermediary buying and selling bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, usdt, doge and others cryptocurrencies. It is secure, secure and completely secure, providing trading and trading services in the digital currency market. In Ramzinex, you can trade directly with the buyer or seller without paying the lowest transaction fee.

You can exchange IRR (Iran's Rial) to popular cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, tether, dogecoin, etc.

You can exchange your currencies in Ramzinex trading market with aother people.

You can transfer your currencies to any international digital wallets.

You can receive all popular (accepted) currencies in your Ramzinex wallet.

  • افزودن فیچر تبدیل موجودی های کوچک
  • تغییر در احراز هویت
  • افزودن قیمت جهانی ارزها در کیف پول
  • افزودن فی انتقال و مبلغ دریافتی برای واریز هر ارز
  • افزودن مقادیر پیش فرض برای واریز ریال
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