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Last update10/7/2020
The updated Setare Yek app has once again provided all of its mobile subscribers with a top-up, 3G/4G internet packages and billing services.
Conveniently and safe access to all payment services you used to utilize via *1# by using our official app. Access to all services provided in its USSD counterpart (*1#) and more! in a much easier way, without long, boring waits!
Exclusive to our mobile app users:
• Monitor status of your 3G/4G internet packages for MCI users
• You can buy special top-up services of MCI such as youth packages
• Use app's barcode reader to scan bill barcode to pay easier

Services offered in both our mobile app and *1#:
• Buy cell-phone airtime credit & complementary 3G/4G data packages directly from within the app. Direct top-up is also available.
• Pay your bills without even reaching an ATM! Our fascinating system lets you inquire about your cell-phone bill amount by only knowing your mobile number! All utility bills can be paid via our app and *1#
• Donate to charities. Making blessing donations is as easy as never before.

This app requires internet connectivity.
• Card to card from the origin of Mellat Bank added. 
• Card to card from the origin of Ayande Bank added. 
• The possibility of paying the bill through the wallet added. 
• Minor bug fixes. 
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